Salicylic Acid Face Wash


Formulation Designed to make your skin Acne Clear. It helps to minimize the appearance of clogged pores by umclogging them, decreases the size and colour of pimples, and helps to remove post-acne blemishes.

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With this effective acne treatment and cleanser, you will treat and help to prevent outbreaks with one easy step. Our Formulation contains salicylic acid that helps treat acne and prevent recurrences. It gently cleanses and unclogs the pores which helps minimize their appearance for clear skin. It visibly diminishes pimples and lightens the acne marks  Additionally, the unique formulation:
>Rinses clean without overdrying or irritating skin.
>Oil-free, noncomedogenic formula won’t clog pores.


Salicylic Acid, Decyl Glucoside SLES, Tea Tree Oil, Cocobetaine, Aloe Vera Powder, Glycerin, PG, Sodium PCA, PEG7, Phenoxyethanol, , Citric Acid, NaCl, Distilled Water.

How To Apply

  • Give your skin good soak.
  • Squeeze required amount of your fingertip.
  • Apply in circular motions. massaging your skin.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Apply a Serum.
  • Moisturize Your Skin.


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