Serum B Bright


Dehydrated skin can result from indoor heating systems and cold weather. This winter, B-Bright Serum provides the repair and protecting properties your skin needs. The top three advantages of the serum are as follows: 🛡️Protects the skin barrier. 💧 Provides instant hydration and calming comfort. 🌟 Levels out skin tone and smoothes texture. With B-Bright serum, you can confidently face the chilly days knowing that your skin is hydrated, protected.

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Our serum’s effective hydrating mix is designed especially for dry skin that is prone to redness, as well as skin tightness or irritation.  Serum helps hydrate and preserve the skin’s moisture barrier
In addition to vegetable glycerin and PG to support the moisture barrier and soothe skin, this serums composition has been enriched with a highly concentrated humectant, Vitamin B5, to assist in boosting hydration and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Ingredients in the composition have been shown to help protect skin from common environmental aggressors such as dryness, low humidity, temperature swings, and air pollution. Additionally, it relieves topical irritations brought on by excessive use of active substances and superficial skin treatments. The mixture of substances that hydrate and mend is also advantageous for skin impacted by lifestyle changes (lack of sleep, stress, poor diet.

For all skin types that require additional hydration and skin moisture barrier maintenance, the fragrance-free, non-comedogenic solution is hypoallergenic.


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